122The Law of Ukraine On Immigration clearly provides the possibility of obtaining a permanent residency in Ukraine on the basis of making an investment of at least 100,000 U.S. dollars or their equivalent into the economy of Ukraine.

What you should know:

Can I get a permanent residency if I bought a house whose value is over 100k? Can I bring this sum with me in a briefcase?
Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Bringing the money with you is not enough to satisfy the requirements. The money needs to be invested in the economy of Ukraine.
Essentially, this means that Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade must confirm that the aforementioned investment has been made. The money should go through a bank, which will, in turn, confirm the transaction of the required sum with a SWIFT receipt and a reference of monetary transaction, certified by the signature and seal of the bank’s management.The money should be transacted to the account of a legally-registered company instead of a personal account, replenishing it’s chartered capital with the aforementioned sum. Furthermore, company capital can be used for purchasing real estate or investing in some other project according to your preference.

How can you guarantee the safety of the funds that are transacted to the company’s account?
Answer: The first thing we can do to guarantee the funds’ safety is to register a company, limited liability company or a company with any other form of economic activity, whose sole founder will be the person who is making an investment. Any Ukrainian citizen or foreigner with the right to employment may be appointed as a director (CEO) of the company, as long as the appointment is approved by the investor. Additionally, it is possible to work out an agreement with a bank, wherein the bank will guarantee the safety of transacted funds by granting the right of a transaction, e.g. two signatures confirmation – the founders and the CEO’s.

How long must the money stay on the company’s account?
Answer: Naturally, until the bank issues a confirmation of transaction (two to three days), until the transaction is fully complete. After this is done, investors are free to manage their funds as they wish.

Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that besides the aforementioned investment, you must also present a criminal record reference (criminal record check) from your country of permanent residency, medical records, as well as a housing area lease agreement, along with a number of other documents, which we will be glad to obtain for you.

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