Lithuanian employees are the 5th happiest in Europe
* MSPA Europe / Africa’s NHS survey, 2019


Vilnius – in the TOP10 cities globally for the best work-life balance
* Expert Market, 2020

The war in Ukraine created uncertainty in the labor market in all European countries as the number of refugees doesn’t fill the existing workforce demand. Local companies keep experiencing a staffing shortage, especially in warehousing, agriculture, production & construction fields. To address this challenge, our company introduced emergency initiatives and temporarily reduced the documents processing & recruiting fees.

Since 2004, Lithuania is a part of the European Union. Despite this fact, the unemployment rate in the country is constantly growing. In 2019 it’s around 9%.
The minimum salary in the Republic of Lithuania is 400 EURO/month, at the same time the average salary is around 700 EURO/month after taxes.
Of course, Lithuanian salaries are not attractive to Europeans. In addition, all students of Lithuanian universities are willing to move to the more developed countries of Western Europe where the living standards are significantly higher.

These factors have caused the overall shortage of labor force in Lithuania.
On the other hand, it facilitates the migration of the workforce from all over the world.


  • Knowledge of the local language is not required;
  • Official employment in the EU member country;
  • Free movement throughout the EU;
  • Low Cost of Living;
  • Decent salary;
  • Possible prolongation;


Mostly, we offer employment permits for basic (unskilled) jobs, where xperience is not required.

Depending on your education & job experience, you can be offered more specific conditions in accordance with your work background.

Hourly rate depends on the qualification:

  • €4 – €5 (on average, for unskilled jobs like farming, planting, sorting, packaging, cleaning, etc.);
  • €5 – €7 (on average, for more skilled jobs like technician, electrician, construction worker, woodworker, driver, etc.)
Monthly salary: €600 – €800 / €800 – €1000
Accommodation: €50 – €60 per month (comfortable rooms for 2-3 people)
Some jobs offer free meals & transportation

Visa duration: 12 months. Prolongation is possible by agreement with the employer.

Ability to read, write and communicate in English is required. Must be able to understand, follow and communicate verbal and written safety and work instructions. Must follow procedures and show commitment to high standards.


The employment company will:

  • obtain a work invitation on your name through the Labour Exchange of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • submit the mediation letter with all your information to the Migration Department of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • schedule an embassy appointment for personal documents submission in the country of your residence.

Original documents will be shipped to you by courier service. You will have to visit the embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to submit your application in person. Usually, no interview is conducted, but you should know the name of the employment company & working conditions. As soon as your visa is granted, you are ready to depart to Lithuania. Depending on the vacancy, you will be either met in the airport or have to come by yourself to the provided address. After settling & introduction you are ready to get to work. Your employer will do the registration & all paperwork for you.

  • Completed Electronic Visa Application Form, 1 recent passport photo 35×45 colorful, with white background;
  • A valid travel document – passport (containing at least 2 blank pages, issued within the previous 10 years, its period of validity must exceed the validity period of the requested visa by at least six months);
  • A valid medical insurance, covering the duration of stay. It must be valid in all participant states of the Schengen Area. The amount of insurance must not be less than EUR 30,000;
  • A confirmed Air ticket reservation;
  • A copy of a work permit issued by the Labour Exchange of Lithuania to a foreign national allowing him/her to work in the Republic of Lithuania approved in accordance with the procedure provided for by legal acts (if applicable);
  • Mediation letter electronically submitted through (EPIS): https://epis.vrm.lt. by the Lithuanian institution, company, organization (the Visa Office must be provided with the mediation application number);
  • Documentary evidence of means of subsistence in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Documentary evidence of work experience;
  • Documents, proving professional skills (legalized);
  • Consular fee – 60 EUR (cash)


Vacancies are open all year round. Seasonal vacancies are available. Some jobs are subject to application review


** We will get back to you shortly after receiving your inquiry with more details on application procedure.