Nowadays, the Czech Republic is a full member of the European Union and the Schengen Area. This country rather quickly integrated into the European family and at the moment it is only slightly lagging behind the economically developed Western European states. The country has an advantageous geographical position in the heart of the European continent.

Getting a work visa to the Czech Republic is a guarantee of official employment in the country.

For local employers hiring a specialist from a state outside the European Union is a complicated bureaucratic procedure, so they consider candidates from the European Union as a matter of priority. Besides, they are limited by the single labor legislation of the European Union.

Much more loyal conditions are offered for engaging short-term seasonal workers. It happens because of the dramatic increase in the demanded workforce for seasonal jobs in the Czech Republic.
Seasonal works last no longer than six months. If the period of work is longer, then this is not seasonal, but a permanent job. As a rule, the great majority of seasonal vacancies open in the agrarian sector of the country’s economy during the harvest season, as well as during the sowing campaign. A temporary employment visa, with which seasonal work can be performed, is valid for up to six months.



    Harvesting of strawberry, sorting & packaging / 18 - 45 y.o., male, female; 10-12 hour working shifts / 90-100 CZK per hour

    Harvesting of beet, cabbage, cucumber, tomato; sorting & packaging / 18 - 45 y.o., male, female; 10-12 hour shifts / 90-120 CZK ...

    Taking care of flower plants (re-poting, watering, cleaning) / 18 - 45 y.o., male, female; 10-12 hour working shifts / 110-130 CZK ...

    Planting, cultivating, irrigating, picking grapes / 18 - 45 y.o., male, female; 10-12 hour working shifts / 90-120 CZK per hour

* Ability to read, write and communicate in English is required. Must be able to understand, follow and communicate verbal and written safety and work instructions. Must follow procedures and show commitment to high standards.

A special temporary work visa is required for every employee. A temporary work visa is issued on the basis of a work invitation from a Czech employer.
Seasonal employment in the Czech Republic is employment that depends on the season which is determined by the Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Seasonal employment in the Czech Republic means activities in the following sectors:
  • production of plant and animal products, hunting, and related activities;
  • forestry and forest harvesting;
  • food and hospitality;
  • HoReCa, entertainment, and leisure.
Documents for a seasonal visa to the Czech Republic:
  • application form for a С-type work visa to the Czech Republic (filled out with printed Latin letters and a photo that corresponds to the applicant’s current appearance);
  • valid international passport; should be valid at least 90 days following your departure date from a European country and contain at least one empty page
  • employment permit to the Czech Republic containing the application number and the issuing branch of the Czech Labor Office;
  • confirmation from the employment company about the agreed wage, monthly salary & timeframes of the employment;
  • document confirming the applicant’s accommodation on the territory of the Czech Republic (if the residence is provided by the employer, it should be proved);
  • non-conviction certificate – issued by the state of the applicant´s citizenship and by the state where the applicant resided in the last three years for more than six months.
(*) All submitted documents must be either in original or officially certified copies. The travel document must always be submitted in original. All documents submitted in a foreign language must be original and with an officially certified translation into the Czech language.

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Seasonal vacancies are open all year round. Basic English knowledge is a must. Some jobs are subject to application review


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