Wedding coupleEach year, thousands of marriage-based residence permits are issued in Ukraine. A marriage between Ukrainian citizen and a foreigner is regulated by respective provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine. Granting permanent residence to a foreigner who has entered into marriage with a Ukrainian citizen is regulated by the Law of Ukraine on Legal Status of Foreign citizens.

The governing principles of family relations with foreigners are established in the Constitution of Ukraine, Article 26 of the Constitution of Ukraine stipulates that foreigners who legally stay in Ukraine enjoy the same rights and freedoms, and also have the same responsibilities as citizens of Ukraine. According to Article 18 of the Law of Ukraine On Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons, foreigners may marry citizens of Ukraine and other persons in compliance with Ukrainian legislation. Foreigners have equal rights and responsibilities with citizens of Ukraine in marriage and family relations.


Documents mentioned here below must be submitted to the local Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status (known by the acronym “RAGS” or “ZAGS”), usual pending period for marriage registration (process) in Ukraine is one month, however foreign nationals may ask for permission to register marriage prior to the expiration of one month period, having reasonable excuse.

  • Foreign passport. It should be translated to Ukrainian language and certified/notarized;
  • Birth certificate with proper authentication (Apostille or Consular legalization obtained in your country). Altogether must be translated to Ukrainian and certified by Notary in Ukraine;
  • Document on current marital status (also known as Single Status Affidavit, Certificate of No Impediment), proving that you are legally able to marry. Proper authentication to be performed in your country (Apostille or Legalization). In Ukraine it must be translated to Ukrainian and certified by Notary;
  • * divorce decree or divorce certificate or court judgment on marriage annulment, or spouse’s death certificate if any (these documents must be presented only by individuals who have been previously married). Proper authentication to be performed in your country (Apostille or Consular Legalization). In Ukraine it must be translated to Ukrainian and certified by Notary.


After the registration of marriage, you receive standard pattern Marriage Certificate in Ukrainian language, approved by the Ukrainian Ministry. Marriage Certificate is a subject to further legalization and certified translation for immigration purposes.

Next step on the way getting residence permit is changing of the visa status (it means leaving Ukraine for getting new visa at the Ukrainian consulate abroad).
State Migration Service in Ukraine accepts residence permit application only together with long term D type visa which is granted on the basis of valid marriage certificate. D type visa allows you to enter Ukraine during 45 day of it’s validity period to process temporary residence permit application at the local Migration Service (usually referred as OVIR).

The temporary residence permit gives you full legal status in Ukraine and lets you freely travel in and out of Ukraine for as long as it is valid. You will not need to apply for a new visa if you leave Ukraine and you will not need to re-register with OVIR during the permit’s validity period.

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