Tourist Visa is a good choice if you plan a tourist trip to Europe and do not intend to work or do business in the country.
Tourist Visa can be issued for different periods: from 1 to 30 days.

While applying for Schengen tourist visa, you must submit:

  • Original passport (valid at least 90 days following your departure date from EU)
  • Visa Application form
  • 2 photographs
  • Covering letter (on company letterhead if self-employed)
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Return ticket
  • Day by Day travel itinerary
  • Travel Insurance
  • Income tax papers for last 3 yrs or Form 16
  • Original saving Bank Statements last 6 months updated with the balance
  • Salary Slips for last 3 months – if employed
  • Original Leave Letter on Company letterhead – if employed
  • Retire proof/Pension order – if retired
  • Business Registration – if self-employed
  • Student ID and bonafide letter – if a student
  • NOC letter from husband/father if a single lady traveling

Currently embassies and consulates do not cooperate with accredited travel agencies. It means that the applicant has to register and submit the visa application in person. As of June 2015, applicants requesting a Schengen visa will have to appear in person to provide biometric data (fingerprints and digital photography).

A long-term Schengen tourist visa (for a year or more) can be issued only to the applicants with the previous visas in this category.

We have the legal ways to convert your Schengen visa to the residence permit in Europe.

In cooperation with European tour agencies we offer complete support of your visa process. Tourist visa package includes accommodation confirmation, day by day travel itinerary including your sightseeing activities, guarantee letter, company details.

* In some cases, accommodation should be paid in full to get the confirmation. This amount is refundable if the visa isn’t approved.

* Visa duration: up to 30 days/ Number of Entries: 1 / Documents processing 2-3 working days


* We will get back to you shortly after receiving your inquiry.