When choosing an option for study in Poland, it’s worth considering the Szkoła policealna – specialized educational institution, enrolling at which will bring plenty of benefits, including getting the visa with the right to work.


zkoła policealna is an educational institution providing the possibility to get a specialized professional education.
After leaving the school, a person is awarded the qualification of Technician, but only on condition of passing independent qualification examinations in profession-related subjects. With diploma of Szkoła policealna, you will be able to work not only on the territory of Poland but also in other EU countries.
Education in these schools is carried out with an emphasis on the practical side of the issue, without undue theory and distraction on subjects unrelated to future profession directly.
The most popular fields are hotel and restaurant business, tourism, landscape architecture, gardening, cosmetology, massage, the art of makeup, hair styling etc.

People of full age with secondary-level education can enter Szkoła policealna.

There are full-time, evening, and also the most convenient for those who want to work – weekend classes – every week at the weekend. The total duration of studies is 1-2 years. Admission occurs 2 times a year – for the first and the second semesters.


  • official employment in the process of studies;
  • the possibility of traveling to the EU;
  • simple admission procedure;
  • certificate of Polish language is not required;
  • no age limit (18 and over);
  • getting a high-demand profession;
  • obtaining a diploma recognized in the EU countries.


  • Passport
  • Photos – 2 pcs.
  • Medical certificate
  • School leaving certificate
In the majority of cases, to enter Szkoła policealna, it is enough to have a basic knowledge of the Polish language (the level of which is not confirmed). Moreover, many Szkoła policealna provide additionally for language classes.
However, the study is performed exclusively in state language and without its basic skills understanding the subject and the subsequent passing of exams are greatly hampered.

Right after the conclusion of the contract with the school, you can apply for a residence permit.
Szkoła policealna is a very convenient way of obtaining sound academic background and legitimation in the Republic of Poland.


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