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Working in an Ukrainian company gives a foreign citizen reliable grounds for getting a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. The residence permit allows to reside on the territory of Ukraine, grants multiple entries and simplified border crossing procedure during the validity of the initial work permit. Additionally, family members of the foreign citizen are able to receive temporary residence permits as well.

Work Permit + Residence Permit = 100% Guarantee

The absolutely legal, most reliable & fast way to migrate to Ukraine

Advantages of the residence permit in Ukraine:

  • the right to move and reside freely on the territory of Ukraine;
  • the right to education (including free education for children);
  • the right to financial services in Ukraine (cards, accounts, credits, loans, etc.);
  • the right on appropriate working conditions (working hours, health and safety standards, holiday entitlements);
  • the right to family reunification (spouse, minor children, and parents of TR holder are entitled to a residence permit of the same duration);
  • no need of obtaining visas, filling immigration cards, getting registrations, paying consular fees;
  • the right on duty-free entry of vehicles (for personal use);
  • the right to obtaining visas to third countries from Ukraine;
  • the right on pension provision, family allowance and social security (minimum income support, retirement pensions, health care, etc.)

Residence by employment is granted on the basis of a so-called work permit issued by the State Employment Centre of Ukraine on a request of the Ukrainian company. Any foreign citizen (without exceptions) should get a special migration visa (type D) by presenting a valid work permit to the nearest Ukrainian mission abroad.

Our company offers you the opportunity to arrange all immigration documents competently and in the shortest time, even without your personal presence.


1LIGHTEmployment on the basis of a work agreement & job offer

The work permit application is filed by our affiliated company on your behalf. An employment agreement will be signed as a part of the work permit application procedure. This type of employment doesn’t require the power of attorney. It’s best suited for applicants on a tight budget who doesn’t plan to run any business activities in Ukraine.

2STANDARDCompany registration with a foreign citizen as a director & shareholder

Having a company registered in Ukraine doesn’t allow to get a residence permit, but as a main shareholder foreign citizen has a privileged right to occupy the position of the company director or a managing employee. On the basis of this right, a work permit is granted by the State Employment Center. Applying for this option you are expected to prepare a legalized power of attorney & ship it to our office address by any courier service.

3PREMIUMCompany registration (Nominee service) and official employment

This option is suitable if you want to register the company remotely, but experience some difficulties with the power of attorney (e.g unable to legalize, etc.). The company will be registered on our representative (Nominee Service) & re-registered on your name as soon as you arrive in Ukraine & get your residence approved.


* accounting service is subject to quotation depending on the number of transactions & turnover.

Years of practice in the area of legalization of non-residents guarantees competent advice and quality representation of your interests on the territory of Ukraine.