Cost and documents for the first business visa (residence permit) to the Czech Republic on the basis of the registration of the company
Required documents from the Client for applying for a long-term business visa:
2 photos – 3.5 x 4.5 cm (per sample), separated, with indication of the last name, first name and date of birth on the reverse side.
A certificate from the bank of the availability of funds (not less than 5 000 euros) on the current account for which an international plastic card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro) is issued. In the certificate you must specify the equivalent of the currency in euros.
Certificate of non-conviction from the country of citizenship/residence (for persons older than 15 years).
The Client’s Documents for a long-term visa when required:
• A business plan (description of the activities that you will be engaged in in the Czech Republic, calculations).
• A notarized copy of a birth certificate.
• A notarized copy of a marriage/divorce certificate.
• A permission to leave the child abroad from the second parent.
Services for a long-term visa to the Czech Republic (business visa):
• A completed form
• An extract from the Trade Register
• An extract from the Business Register (license for the company) court translation of the Client’s certificate from the bank about the availability of funds
• A court translation of a certificate of non-conviction from the country of citizenship/residence
• A certificate of non-conviction from the Czech Republic
• Detailed oral and written consultation before submitting documents to the consulate
• Assistance in drawing up a business plan
• A translation of a business plan
• Registration in the Czech Republic for 1 year in compliance with area standard 8m² per person
• Meeting at the airport or railway station during the first Client’s visit to Prague after receiving a long-term visa
• Registration by the Alien Police of the Czech Republic (within 3 working days after arrival to the Czech Republic)
• A certificate from a Czech bank of the availability of funds in the amount of 40000 € (+/- 10%)
• Providing a 100% refund guarantee for the full cost of all services (for opening a company and a package of documents for a visa) in case of refusal of a long-term visa **
Additional services:
* Court translations of the client’s documents. Payment for the translation of a business plan is calculated for 2-4 pages of a text in the 12th font, Times New Roman, the remaining expenses are paid by the Client in accordance with the current rates of the Company.
** Providing refund guarantee in case of visa denial. Knowing and considering all the possible nuances due to which refusals occur the employees of our holding prepare all documents at the highest level and carefully control them at every stage of preparation.
*** The cost is valid when ordering a package for a long-term visa simultaneously with the opening of the company in the Czech Republic. When ordering a visa separately from the opening of the company the cost increases by 50 €.
Additional Information:
• at the time of submission of documents to the consulate of the Czech Republic until the expiration of the Client’s foreign passport must be at least 12 months;
• all documents for submission to the Czech consulate must be no older than 180 days;
• the time for consideration of an application for a long-term visa by the Czech Consulate is 120 days;
• for citizens from the following countries: Uzbekistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan must attach a medical certificate of absence of tuberculosis, syphilis and HIV-infection issued on the basis of the medical checkup (a certificate is necessary).