Biscuits packing job


Salary: PLN = 2 640

Gender:  Male, female

Age:  18 – 55

Experience:  no

Work description:  Sorting and pallet packing of products. Covering biscuits metal boxes with lids manually on the line.

Engagement conditions:  Health Book on-place execution required (100 PLN. +50 PLN for doctor attendance).  If working hours exceed 670 h money (only doctor attendance fee) are to be returned. 45 PLN for special shoes is deducted from the salary.

Accommodation:  400 PLN / month.

Schedule:   12 hours shifts (6:00-18:00 / 18:00-6:00)

Hourly rate: 11 PLN/h (after taxes). 5 days per week (60 hours), every two weeks payment

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