Packing job for sweets


Salary: PLN = 2 950 – 3 500

Gender:  Male, female, couples

Age:  18 – 55

Experience:   no

Work description:  Packing of grocery (sweets, chocolate, drinks, coffee, pet food, cosmetics, etc.).

Location: Warsaw suburb.

Work conditions:  Warm indoor working conditions, normal temperature, no foreign smells.

Accommodation:  Hostel. Rooms for 3-4 people – 300 PLN/month. Rooms for 2 people – 400 PLN/month. Free transportation to the workplace. Good accommodation conditions: bedding, dishes and Internet.

Schedule:  Mo-Fri, 12 h/day, Sat- 8 hours (2 shifts).

Hourly rate: Minimum 9 PLN/h, if 80% of the time is worked over the rate becomes higher – 10 PLN /h. The average salary is 2556-3500 PLN per month. Advanced payments of 100 PLN every week for the first month.

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