TOP-10 In-Demand Jobs in Poland (2020)

TOP-10 In-Demand Jobs in Poland (2020)

Dynamic changes are clearly observed in the Polish labor market for the last years. To develop its economy, Poland needs foreign employees, which creates quite favorable conditions for immigrants in the labor market.
According to research commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Policy in 2019, the labor market lacks the following employees.

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Thus, below is a list of top 10 professions in Poland:
  • 1. Qualified blue-collar employees

    There are many vacancies related to manual labor in Poland, yet local residents are not eager to fill in such positions. Among immigrants, this segment remains the most popular. Freight movers, unskilled workers, cooks, and caregivers receive a quite decent salary. In construction, there is an acute shortage of concrete layers, steel fixers, tile layers, engineering structure installers, bricklayers, and plasterers, operators, and mechanics of excavation equipment, finishing works specialists. In the industrial field, one may be sure to find a job as a machine operator, welding operator, tailor or clothing sewing specialist, woodwork specialist, locksmith, electrician, electrical engineer, and electric fitter.
    Poland also needs workers in the field of agriculture. Farmers from provinces are steadily inviting foreigners for seasonal works

  • 2. Employees in the field of trade

    The Polish labor market needs trade specialists in various fields. Companies dealing in the sale of medicines, electronic equipment, food, cosmetics, construction materials, tours, and real estate need sales agents, salespersons, and brand representatives. There are also many vacancies available in Polish network supermarkets.

  • 3. Drivers

    There are many jobs available for drivers. However, to get one of such jobs, a candidate will have to purchase a license, which is rather expensive. There is a significant shortage of drivers of buses and trucks with an elevating capacity of over 3.5 tones.

  • 4. Technicians, storekeepers

    Polish plants and factories experience a shortage of both workers and managers. They need product engineers, managers of workshops, laboratories, and warehouses. The storekeeper is one of the most needed professions in the Polish labor market. The Polish consider a salary at Polish enterprises too low, therefore factory HR departments are forced to hire foreigners.

  • 5. Engineers

    An engineer is one of the most needed occupations in the world. In Poland, a qualified engineer is guaranteed to find a job. Engineers in the field of electrical installations, mechanics, and construction are especially needed. Many companies are ready to hire as managers foreigners who have a degree in engineering, extensive experience, and know Polish. Polish science flourishes and the government invests huge amounts of money in researches. Biologists, genetic engineers, pharmacists, engineers in the chemical and food industry, may count on finding a job in Poland.

  • 6. IT specialists

    A lack of qualified IT specialists characterizes all Western states. The Polish labor market badly needs competent programmers, mobile app, and desktop software developers. The programmer is obviously one of the leading professions in 2019. IT industry is constantly looking for qualified specialists, and there are no signs indicating any changes in the nearest future.

  • 7. Accountants, economists

    There are many vacancies for candidates in the Polish financial and economic sectors. However, the Polish say there is an abundant number of economists in the country. It is not difficult to get a job at a Polish company, but one will have to make efforts to do it. Requirements include work experience and knowledge of Polish.

  • 8. Human resources staff

    Poland needs a workforce, and recruiting companies in this country need HR specialists. Many agencies are looking for recruiters, HR specialists, and staff managers. Employees must possess extensive knowledge not just in human resources management, but also in the field of law, administration, and training.

  • 9. Food industry

    Chefs, pastry chefs, cooks, and bakers will have no problem finding a job in Poland.

  • 10. Logistics specialists, warehouse workers

    Most vacancies offer jobs for managers and workload managers. There are also jobs for forwarding agents, delivery managers, and transport managers dealing with the distribution of vehicles for a particular group of goods.
    11. Service industry
    Due to the increased number of foreign employees in Poland, a new trend is emerging – services for foreigners. Qualified hairdressers and cosmeticians, physical therapists and masseurs will have no problem finding a job in the service industry.