Types of Employment Contract in Poland

Types of Employment Contract in Poland

If you are planning on starting or developing your professional career in Poland, you should try looking for a job before moving. Securing a job position will help you obtain a visa or a residence permit as it provides a compelling reason for your stay in Poland. Learn more about different types of contracts you can receive from your future employer.


  • Contract of employment (umowa o pracę)

    For the majority of Polish employees, a contract of employment (umowa o pracę) is the preferred type of job contract. It denotes an employment relationship in which the employee receives remuneration from their employer in return for performing work in a set time and place. Contracts of employment are regulated by the Labour Code and should be both drawn up and terminated according to its provisions.

    There are a few types of employment contracts, the most common of which are:

    1. indefinite employment contract
    2. fixed-term employment contract
    3. probation period contract

    Regardless of its type, a contract of employment should always be concluded in writing. Most employees favour this form of employment as it provides for a number of benefits. Under a contract of employment, you are covered by the social security scheme and entitled to sick leave and paid annual leave (20 or 26 days a year). Most importantly, an indefinite employment contract cannot be terminated without notice, except in limited circumstances such as gross misconduct on the part of the employee.

  • Contract of mandate (umowa zlecenie)

    A contract of mandate (umowa zlecenie) is a civil law agreement in which the contractor (or an employee) undertakes to perform specific work or tasks commissioned by the ordering party (the employer). This type of agreement is not regulated by the Labour Code and allows for more flexibility when it comes to working time or the manner in which the work is performed. However, it also means that the employer is not required to grant paid time off or sick leave (sick pay can be covered by the employer at the employee’s request). A contract of mandate can be delegated to a subcontractor and terminated with immediate effect. In 2019, the minimum hourly wage under a contract of mandate amounts to PLN 14.70 (gross).

  • Specific-task contract (umowa o dzieło)

    A specific-task contract (umowa o dzieło) is a different type of a civil law agreement, regulated by the Civil Code. This kind of contract is often used for commissioning freelance workers, as it focuses on the end result of a given task – be it a newly designed website, a translation, or a book. The contractor receives remuneration upon completion of the task, but there is no minimum wage requirement – your pay depends greatly on the type of work you are doing. This kind of work can also be delegated if necessary. Remember that working under a specific-task contract does not entitle you to social security benefits.