Establishing a company in the Czech Republic
This article refers to the staged establishing a company in the Czech Republic. It is important to understand what awaits you at every stage of cooperation with our company. After reviewing the stages of establishing a company in the Czech Republic, you will be convinced of the transparency of the whole process, the clarity and seriousness of our company.
1. You complete a form and send it to our E-mail.
2. You scan the first page of your foreign passport, the first page of the domestic passport and the page with registration data and also send to our E-mail.
3. A contract between you and our holding for establishing a company in the Czech Republic is awarded. On the basis of a formal contract and bill, you make a payment for the services by bank transfer or in cash at the holding office.
4. The holding prepares a power of attorney for you:
o The power of attorney should be legalized (apostilization procedure or consular legalization procedure)
Power of attorney should be signed by each member of the company.
5. Send the following documents to our address:
o an original certificate of non-conviction from the country of citizenship/residence (not older than 1 month);
o a signed power of attorney
o an original contract with our holding signed on each page;
o an original certificate from the bank of the availability of funds in the amount of more than 5.000 EUR not older than 1 month (in case you are simultaneously filing documents for a long-term visa).
Apostille/consular legalization is necessary on all documents.
6. After receiving the necessary documents, the holding draws up a charter for your company (notarial record) – one of the main documents upon registration of a company. We send you an e-mail scanned company charter with translation into English.
7. A license is issued, a general package of documents is collected and the company is registered by the Commercial Court.
8. After registering the company, we provide you with a confirmation to e-mail in a scanned form:
o an extract from the Commercial Court with translation;
o an extract from the Business Register with translation. You can check the presence of an established company independently on the state pages of the Czech Ministry of Justice –, enter your company name in the “hledat” window, then select “vypis platnych”.
You can check the availability of registered licenses on the state pages of the Enterprise Registry in the Czech Republic –, enter the name of your company in the window “podnikatel”, then select “udaje bez historie”.
9. After full payment, we pass or send you the final package of documents of the registered company and the package of documents for a business visa, if it was ordered.
For our part, we guarantee:
• the best price for the services provided;
• 100% fulfillment of the conditions of the signed contract;
• transparency of operations and your complete awareness throughout our cooperation;
• An individual manager who will answer all your questions in the process of cooperation.