Rigger mounting job


Gender:  Male

Age: 25 – 45

Experience:  1 year

Work description:  Rigger mounting.

Engagement conditions:  Experience with rigger mounting is desirable. Not obligatory mounting experience (mainly high-rise construction experience needed, any position, even steel fixer). Lack of bad habits.

Accommodation:  Free accommodation, outfit, tools, transportation to the workplace and home, engagement and health screening! Hostel with rooms for 3-5 people.

Schedule:  8-10 h per day. 5 -6 days per week.

Salary:  Assistant work for the first 2-3 month (low-rise labor), then day-off training is available for a month (1000-1100 PLN will be deducted from the salaries in two parts) with a registered Polish licensed permission for high-rise mounting). Good workers will be granted of 50% of training costs.

Hourly rate: 10 PLN/h after taxes, after training completion salary becomes 12-13 PLN/h.

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