Decoration and wreaths jobs


Salary: PLN = 2 172 – 3 408

Gender:  Female

Age:  18 – 65

Experience:  no

Work description: Florist Company, which grows decorative plants and produces holiday decorations of natural materials: candlesticks and wreathes (for Christmas or Easter), is looking for workers. After holidays finish workers are engaged in preparation and sorting of plant slips: Hyacinths, lilies, peonies, strawberry, roses, firs etc.

Engagement conditions:  Good sight.  Manual skills.

Accommodation: Free. Big house (6 km far from the workplace) equipped like a hostel, rooms for 3-4 or 6-8 people. There are 4 kitchens, 4 restrooms, 4 bathrooms. Free transportation to the workplace and home.

Schedule:  8-12 h/day (voluntary more). Two shifts (day and night).

Hourly rate: 9 PLN/h after taxes + Bonus 300-600 PLN for a good job.

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