Citizenship of Ukraine

Our support team will be glad to consult you regarding acquiring of citizenship of Ukraine.

  1. by birth;
  2. by territorial origin;
  3. due to admission to the citizenship;

    → continuous residence on legal base on the territory of Ukraine, not less, than 5 years

    → more than 2 (two) years of official marriage with citizen of Ukraine

  4. due to restoration of the citizenship;
  5. due to adoption;
In order to obtain citizenship on the basis of the above reasons the person shall:
  • recognize and observe the Constitution of Ukraine and the laws of Ukraine;
  • undertake to terminate foreign citizenship or not to have foreign citizenship;
  • live on legal basis on the territory of Ukraine during the last five years;
  • obtain permit to permanent residence in Ukraine;
  • speak state language or understand it in volume sufficient for communication;
  • have legal sources of existence.