Burgers bread production


Salary: PLN = 2 000 – 3 000

Gender:  Male

Age:  18 – 45

Experience:  no

Work description:  Different processes on automated line: Packing of products, quality control.  Non-complicated work. Experience or professional skills are not required. Comfy facilities without strong smells and noises.

Engagement conditions:  Health screening and on-the-job safety training are paid by employer. Work starts in 2-3 days after coming.

Accommodation:  Free. Comfy cottages with kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, Internet, microwave oven, dishes, pillows, blankets). Dorm rooms for 4-6 people. Public transport to the workplace (20-30 min; bus pass 50 PLN/month).

Schedule:  Three 8-hours shifts, 5 days per week 10-12 hours per day and holiday work available.

Hourly rate: 12 PLN/h + Bonuses In the condition of overtime the salary can be up to 3000 PLN/month. Holiday work +50%. Salary payment from 10th to 15th of every month via bank card without delays. No advanced payment, so applicants have to care about money for food until the first salary.

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