Getting a visa to enter Ukraine is a two-step process. Firstly, you will need to obtain a letter of invitation according to your visa type. This document is called Visa Support Document or Official Invitation. Then you will need to lodge this invitation along with your application form, two passport size photographs and your current passport to the Ukrainian Embassy in order to have your visa processed.

Visa processing time is up to 10 working days. Express visa is processed within 5 working days from the day of submission.

  • Visa Application form should not contain any corrections related especially to the name, passport details of the applicant, dates of proposed entry into/exit from Ukraine, number of entries, date of submission and etc.
  • All documents for Ukrainian visa should be submitted in original along with 1 attached copy of each document (copy of application form is not required).
  • An applicant has to submit the copy of the passport with all pages of the passport having any information.
FOR TOURIST VISITTourist voucher and Invitation letter from tour operator with signature and company stamp
FOR BUSINESS VISITLetter of invitation issued in the applicant’s name by the Ukrainian company on the official letterhead
FOR PRIVATE VISITLetter of invitation issued in the applicant’s name by the licensed notary public service in Ukraine

When a foreign citizen applies for a visa in person, the competent authority performs the following:

  • Receives a visa application and supporting documents, registers and processes the application;
  • Makes visa decisions;
  • Fills in the visa sticker and affixes it to the passport or travel document;
  • Returns the passport or travel document with the affixed visa sticker to the foreigner or stateless person.
* In case of visa refusal, the visa application and supporting documents are not returned; only the passport has to be returned. In the passport a note on the visa request and date should be mentioned, and also such a note should be signed by the authorized person and stamped.