The Republic of Poland is a country that welcomes people from all around the world due to the significant shortage of workforce. Even unskilled labor can easily find the suitable job. Polish plants, farms, stores, manufacturers are ready to employ and even train people willing for the employment. Most often, the companies offer a minimum salary for all newcomers, but the wage can be significantly reconsidered after a while.

It’s a good choice if you have decided for moving to Poland. Even if you do not like working in Poland, there are some ways of going to other countries of the Schengen Area with your Polish visa. Now you have gathered all the documents required for your Poland visa. Next step is getting an appointment & visiting the embassy for application submission. As you know, you should make the appointment through the online system – and now you discover that the nearest appointment date is 6 months away, which can destroy all your plans. As you understand, it happens because of a pretty big crowd of people wishing to submit their application & get the Poland visa fast.
If you do not want to wait – our premium appointment package is for you.


  • Express Embassy appointment within 30 days
  • Application examination by the checklist
  • Application filling
  • Confirmation by email


All nationalities250$

* All Visa types are accepted/ Number of Entries: 1-2 / Documents processing on business days


* We will get back to you shortly after receiving your inquiry.